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    A Brief Biography of Ilya Zlobin

    Ilya Zlobin is a world-renowned ancient coin expert, enthusiast, and author that founded With an online store with over 19,000 ancient and world coin artifacts and more than a decade of experience, he understands the importance and historical significance that these coins contain.

    As an enthusiast, Ilya Zlobin prides himself on educating others in the significance of ancient coins and how it has impacted society. The vast selection of is a testament to the service, and long-term value collectors worldwide have created.

    What is Trusted Coins? is a treasure trove of authentic ancient Roman, Greek, Biblical, Medieval, and Byzantine world coins, artifacts, medals, and more. Headed by world-renowned numismatist Ilya Zlobin, Trusted Coins has over 19,000 coins and artifacts, each containing a part of history.

    As an independent online store and a decade of experience, Ilya Zlobin has dealt with over 70,000 ancient and world coins and artifacts. Each item sold includes a Certificate of Authenticity and a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity from numismatic experts that have identified more than 57,000 ancient coins.

    Trusted Coins knows that presentation adds value to your rare coins investment. That’s why each item sold is encapsulated in its own protective coin flip holder with a 2×2 description. Whether you are an avid coin collector or intend to gift these rare artifacts, the item values increase with the care and expertise spent by Trusted Coins.

    Overview of Investing in Rare Coins

    Investing in rare coins isn’t as popular today as it was in its heyday. However, it can still be highly profitable if you are armed with background knowledge and a can-do attitude. However, if you believe that rare coins investments are free from risks and market downturns, you will be caught off-guard.

    There are two forms of rare coin investing that you should be familiar with before you dabble in the world of rare coins investing.

    • Numismatic rare coin investments are centered on ancient and world coins that have not been in circulation for many years. Its rarity gives each coin its value and is often why many collectors seek these small pieces of history.
    • Bullion coin investment is a more dominant investment strategy because it is closely tied with rare material indexes. These coins have high concentrations of precious metals such as gold that are often indexed until today.

    Like any investment, rare coins investing has its own sets of risks. Fortunately, one way to reduce inherent risks is by empowering yourself with the right background knowledge and common sense.

    As a rare coins investor, you should think like a collector, especially when choosing pieces for your portfolio. When you can determine which coins can turn up a profit and if you value material over rarity. Building a coin set is a fun and profitable strategy for building your coin portfolio. You can build a set of coins that are either made of coins with specific characteristics or a set of coins from a specific coin series.

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