Fund Wisdom: All You Need to Know

FundWisdom is a different kind of angel investing firm. New businesses require capital to get started, and the folks who have that capital want to find places to invest it with a better potential rate of return than traditional stocks and bonds. They focus on alternative investment types, such as equities for small, early-stage companies, and cryptocurrency offerings. 

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FundWisdom acts as a go-between for would-be entrepreneurs who need funding, and the people who want to fund them. FundWisdom works with both accredited and non-accredited investors, which opens the door to a variety of different sources of capital for startup businesses. They provide services and resources that help a new entrepreneur figure out how to get the funding they will need. 

Opening investing to non-accredited angel investors means that this type of investing is no longer limited to the very wealthy. In the past, regulations required potential investors to have a high net worth, a high yearly income, or both. Now it has become open to more of the general public. Instead of a single investor needing to meet the income requirements, startups can now crowdfund their equity, spreading both the risk and the reward across a larger group.  Before that, you should check out the factors to consider when choosing a crowdfunding platform.

Many new startups reach millions or billions of dollars in value before they go public. This means an extremely high rate of return for investors. The ability of smaller investors to get involved in the early stages of these lucrative operations spreads the wealth around.

Brian Thopsey founded FundWisdom in 2013, and still works as its CEO. Their headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts. In keeping with their alternative ideals, FundWisdom operates its offices in a co-working space. This means that everyone, from the newest intern to the first founders, shares the same space in their building. This kind of open environment fosters collaboration and open communication across layers in the company. 

FundWisdom makes no secret of the fact that they are far from the only firm offering startup capital. In fact, partnerships, collaborations, and referrals with other investment firms make up a cornerstone of their business. Every corner of their website discusses both what FundWisdom can offer and what other resources can do for a new company as well. 

One major part of FundWisdom’s investment portfolio is built on various cryptocurrencies. Their analysts work on the application of blockchain within financial services. The decentralized networks that can be built using a cryptocurrency tied to that network have tremendous potential. Unlike traditional currency, cryptocurrencies are not backed by any physical item of value or by a government. Their value is intrinsic and therefore much more volatile. 

That’s why it takes a dedicated and experienced firm to safely invest money into cryptocurrency. A new investor is going to make a lot of costly mistakes; working through FundWisdom helps to avoid making some of those mistakes. That’s not to say that FundWisdom guarantees that you will make money with cryptocurrency investments, but they do have a history of making that happen for their clients.

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