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    What is Dillon Gage Metals?

    Dillon Gage Metals is a precious metal trading company that offers wholesale metals and refining services. Located in Dallas, Texas, the Dillon Gage Metals has been active in the metal trading industry since 1976.

    The firm serves clients, including brokerage houses, financial institutions, banks, and even other metal trading companies worldwide. Dillon Gage Metals is one of the few authorized firms that can purchase straight out of sovereign mints in various countries, including the Royal Canadian Mint and the United States Mint.

    The metal trading firm maintain a worldwide presence covering 20 countries, with its primary headquarters in the United States and Singapore. Dillon Gage Metals branched out through the years of outstanding trades, creating Dillon Gage Refining, International Depository Services Group, and FizTrade.com.

    How does Dillon Gage Metals work?

    Dillon Gage Metals has over four decades of experience in closing spreads with fast, reliable delivery on various metal trades. Other metal tradings that they offer include palladium trading, bullion bars and coins, and numismatic items.

    Dillon Gage Metals is authorized to purchase directly from the United States Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint. This means that buying and selling precious metals with the firm is entirely safe and secure. This is an essential factor why wholesale and institutional clients are trusting Dillon Gage Metals. Aside from the typical clients, the firm is also open to trading with private clients that meet specific criteria.

    Metal refining services

    The metal trading firm also offers precious metal refining services equipped with up-to-date machinery and metallurgy experts to bring out the best from the melts. The refinery is exclusive at the Dallas facility, and there aren’t middlemen to meddle with the service. The process of refining is environment-friendly and is compliant with the US Patriot Act. The assets can be checked in real-time, together with the people who are processing it. If there are any additional fees, it will be disclosed upfront.

    Metals depository service

    Precious metals depository is another particular service that Dillon Gage offers. The depositories are exclusively located in Texas, Delaware, and Ontario. Each facility is provided with the best logistics and professionals to assure their clients fully. Dillon Gage Metals depository service includes:

    • Direct title ownership
    • Allocated & segregated storage
    • 24/7 Security
    • Class 3 Vaults / UL(C)
    • Insurance protection (Lloyd’s of London)
    • Vault Direct Access

    Online trading platform

    Besides the traditional, physical trading method, Dillon Gage also offers FizTrade, an official online trading platform. The software brings ease to the clients, as the trade can be monitored and updated at any time. FizTrade allows the trader to buy/sell prices while using a desktop browser, or even a mobile device.

    Overview of Investing in Precious Metals

    One of the important things about investing in precious metals is that markets tend to use it as an asset in case of inflation. The metals can also be used as assets in case of a political crisis (i.e., war). On the other hand, some of the precious metals are considered industrial metals. These types of metal are in high demand not only in the market but are also crucial to everyday use and scientific research.

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