All About Global AgInvesting

Global AgInvesting is a global firm that acts as a meeting place for individuals looking for critical information, timely market research, and landmark events in the agricultural investment opportunity.

The function of Global AgInvesting

The main function of the organization is to connect the global agriculture investment community. It also provides agribusiness investors with strategic information and actionable intelligence in various sectors such as farmland assets, impacts investing, equity opportunities, and agriculture technologies. It does so through its conferences and agriculture-oriented media offerings. It provides all the resources online, making them easily accessible.

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History of Global AgInvesting

Global AgInvesting started its operations in 2009 in response to the increasing interest rates caused by the financial crisis. The organization launched its first investor’s conference that focused on the growth of farmland market investment. In 2010, the second conference was held, whose attendance ranked top globally. The focus of the second conference was wider as it concentrated on investing across the whole market chain to meet global growth needs. 

In 2013, the organization expanded to include landmark events in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Investors in the different locations came together to brainstorm on how better agricultural investments could be made. In 2015, AgTech Week, currently known as AgTech Nexus, was launched with the aim of exposing investors to innovations and investment opportunities. Recently in 2019, AUM in the global farming sector generated over $131 billion.

Brains Behind AgInvesting

Kate Westfall is the CEO of AgInvesting, with Jared Rose as the managing director. Sarah Linn Pepper is the person in charge of the content creation and communications department. The general operations department is headed by Kerri Russell, while Lynda Kiernan is the editor of GAI News. Michelle Pelletier Marshall is the managing editor or senior Public Relations, Officer. Last but not least, Joel Hauer heads the business development section.

Regular Events Run by AgInvesting

Global Aginvesting holds an annual GAI meeting where global stakeholders meet to learn about the comprehensive global overview of the agriculture industry. The event provides great networking opportunities as attendees learn how to make money from the growing agricultural industry.

Global AgInvesting Asia is also a regular event held annually by the organization. Agricultural experts and influential stakeholders usually attend the event to educate the members on how to improve their investments in agricultural investment. Global AgInvesting Europe is also held annually, focusing on the same industry but promoting network creation among investors.

Reasons why an Investor Would Choose to Invest in Agriculture

The agricultural industry is one of the most viable industries to invest in. It is more stable than the stock market because it mostly involves investing in intangible assets like land. It also generates huge benefits for investors compared to other types of investments. 

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Besides, the industry gives investors a hedge against inflation and other market risks. There are also numerous social and economic benefits of investing in agriculture. Investors whose hobbies are agriculturally related can make money while still doing something they enjoy. It is also a good way to diversify investments, especially for investors who are facing high risks in stock markets.

Final Remark

AgInvesting plays an important role in the agricultural industry. It also stimulates economic growth by encouraging investors to utilize business opportunities. Also, the organization provides the most valuable asset in investing, which is information.

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