Alex Mittal and Funders Club


    A Brief Biography of Alex Mittal

    As a scholar of the University of Pennsylvania’s M & T Program, Alex Mittal earned a degree in economics and engineering. He led inventions, patent projects, and scientific research, which earned him a spot to present at the 2002 Nobel Prize Ceremonies. All of this propelled his career and started Innova Dynamics, a hardware tech company.

    Before becoming the CEO of Funders Club, Alex contributed his excellent skills and knowledge to various companies and projects. He was an advisor to First Round Capital (Dorm Room Fund). He was also a part of the American business magazine Inc. as a columnist. Due to the back-to-back accomplishments, Alex was featured in the prestigious BusinessWeek (America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs) magazine, Silicon Valley 40 Under 40, and Forbes 30 Under 30.

    How Does the Funders Club Work?

    Funders Club is an online venture capital that works to source investment opportunities. They secure and nurture startups with the help of a wide range of firm networks and their software to harness exceptional data. Funders Club picks the right founders and supports them in real-time.

    For a particular company to be venture capital-funded, the Funders Club processes the most critical factors carefully. Some of these factors include the product, market, team, competition, and various metrics. The Investment Committee of Funder’s Club, which consists of 270+ experienced startup professionals, will examine the given variables along with third-party community opinion. The results will decide if the company will move forward with the partnership. With the strict review process, Funders Club makes less than 2% of the startups they review. This shows that they reserve their services to the most deserving startups.

    Venture capitals need the best software to procure and analyze unlimited data. Funders Club has a platform that serves efficiency to easily track the investments, returns, and the company’s progress.

    With 24,000 members, Funders Club can assist startups and raise initial investment to an average of $250,000.

    Overview of Investing in Venture Capital

    Venture capital’s primary goal is to fund startups to boost their business products in the early stage of their operations. Venture capital consists of software supports, financial advisors, and investors. The process of investing in venture capital is simple—venture capitalists partner with aspiring startup companies seeking funding. The firm will then review these startups for them to analyze the potential. If the results are precise and have potential, then the VC firm will approve the pitch. The funds that will be invested in the company will come from a group of private equities.

    While most venture capital is monetary-based, some may come from a different type of support, such as managerial or technical expertise. Not all venture capital firms will partner with small startups that have innovative growth potential. Some of them work with big companies that already have outstanding production records in the business as well. Regardless of business size, venture capital backs up worthy ideas and innovations with commercial applications and future profit.

    Dylan Morwell

    Since becoming an Accredited Investor himself, Dylan Morwell has had a fascination with accredited investment and loves to help others achieve the same success.

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