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Which Investment is Better? Tangible Assets Vs. Bonds

Choosing an investment is usually not easy. As an investor, one must always choose the investment with the highest rate of return and minimum risk. However, other than the risk...
why VC backed startup business fails

Why Many VC-backed Startups Fail

Blighted Returns? Getting a business started is never easy. Not only do you need to have a viable and potentially profitable idea, but you need to convince potential investors to...
angel investor with entrepreneur

How the Typical Angel Investors are Changing

The unexpected changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have significantly altered how the world does business. Startups are among those feeling the pinch right now, as potential investors hold...
JOBS act 2012 on Investors

The 2012 JOBS Act and Its Effect on Investors

In the midst of a pandemic, small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) in the United States are facing tough times. How can the 2012 JOBS Act help? What is the JOBS...

What is Darcmatter?

Darcmatter is a global financial technology (FinTech) platform. It was founded in 2014 as an expansion of the South Korean FinTech platform Return on Change. The company’s mission is to...
silver bullion

Dillon Gage and Metal Trading

What is Dillon Gage Metals? Dillon Gage Metals is a precious metal trading company that offers wholesale metals and refining services. Located in Dallas, Texas, the Dillon Gage Metals has...

Alex Mittal and Funders Club

A Brief Biography of Alex Mittal As a scholar of the University of Pennsylvania’s M & T Program, Alex Mittal earned a degree in economics and engineering. He led inventions,...
Monetary coins of different ages and different countries of the world.Numismatist coins background

Ilya Zlobin – Investing in Ancient Coins

A Brief Biography of Ilya Zlobin Ilya Zlobin is a world-renowned ancient coin expert, enthusiast, and author that founded With an online store with over 19,000 ancient and world...

Tips to Watch Out for Investment Scams

Watch Out for Investment Scams The JOBS act permits all kinds of investment schemes to be announced and publicly promoted to investors. Now, this means potential investors are in for...

Regulation Creates Confusion Around Mini IPOs

Discover How Regulation A+ Creates "Mini-IPOs" for All Investors The 2012 JOBS act brought in various new ways for private firms to solicit capital. Before 2015, the main focus was...

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